AMS Campus

AMS Campus is the institutional repository of all teaching material of the University of Bologna. It allows students to easily and effectively consult teaching material prepared for each degree programme by the lecturers, tutors, and expert linguistic collaborators of the University.

AMS Acta

AMS ACTA is the Open Access institutional repository for the distribution of research contributions, publications and data derived from the activities of the units of the University of Bologna and connected scientific institutions.

AMS PhD Theses

The institutional repository of PhD theses of the University of Bologna, dedicated to collecting and conserving PhD theses and making them available online in digital format.

AMS First Cycle Degree Thesis

The institutional repository of first cycle degree theses of the University of Bologna.

AlmaDL Journals

Journals published with AlmaDL’s technical support.

AMS Historica

The digitalised collection of the antique and valuable documents of the Libraries of the University of Bologna.