AlmaRE's roots go back to the 90s, when the scientific documentation started to be converted from paper to digital.

Over the years, the AlmaRE staff has been coordinating the University of Bologna Library System for the selection, acquisitionenhancement and provision of the University's digital document collections to support education, research and, in the latest years, the third mission of the University of Bologna, namely, the valorization and transfer of knowledge to the socio-economic context at large.



AlmaRE aims at rationalizing the digital collections and making them available to the broadest possible public, while ensuring their conservation over time.



In line with the multidisciplinary mission of the University of Bologna, AlmaRE counts on one of the largest collections in Italy, covering also niche disciplines.



AlmaRE offers various services to ensure optimal use of the electronic resources and collections made available by the University of Bologna.



Through the negotiation of a wide range of licenses with publishers and providers, AlmaRE makes the subscribed contents available to all University institutional users and to some other categories of non-institutional users that may be included in the clauses of the agreements.



Staff members in charge of guaranteeing the services provided by AlmaRE.