Bologna Library System catalogue (Books, CDs, DVDs)

The University of Bologna manages the general catalogue of Bologna’s Library System of the National Library Service (SBN), which includes 223 libraries belonging to different entities (University, Region, Municipality of Bologna, municipalities in the Province of Bologna and other Institutions), which collaborate to manage the catalogue. Users will find over 4,200,000 documents, including books and CD-ROMs, and 7,100,000 titles throughout the system. The University of Bologna has a total of 3.104.045 documents and 1.932.200 titles.


The University of Bologna manages the catalogue in collaboration with the National Research Council (CNR). More than 2,000 different types of libraries located throughout the country contribute to the catalogue. Users will find more than 210,000 papers and over 1,100,000 collections of periodicals in all disciplinary areas, on paper or in electronic format.


Catalogue of antique books owned by the libraries of the University of Bologna. Users will find approximately 20,000 books published before 1831; a collection that keeps growing, as the cataloguing of antique books is still ongoing.