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1) Local Collections:

  • Bologna Library System catalogue
  • ACNP Italian Catalogue of Periodicals limited to BO* code libraries (University of Bologna and other libraries located in BolognaAteneo e Provincia di Bologna) and UNIBO code (AlmaRE Collections e-journals)
  • AlmaRE Collections (digital collections subscribed by the University of Bologna: e-books, e-journals, databases)
  • AlmaDL Collections (digital institutional open access collections: repository AMS Acta, AMS Campus, AMS PhD Theses, AMS First Cycle Degree Theses, AMS Historica, AlmaDL Journals)

2) EDS base index: indexes selected from an Ebsco databases collection based on agreements with publishers and providers that counts international databases and libraries catalogs, open access archives, digital libraries, government sources, and other information sources.

3) other resources searcheable by starting from AlmaStart: from the widgets tool on the right column, it is possible to access the BUB data collections in "Cataloghi Storici Digitalizzati" (ICCU project to digitalize former card catalogs) and Manus (manuscripts catalogue).


Not-indexed contents in AlmaStart

Not all the resouces accessible to University of Bologna users are indexed by the discovery. In particular, these data are not directly seracheable:

  • Some "AlmaRE: banche dati in rete" databases not available in the EDS Base index: they are mostly about italian law and humanities but they are however researchable from inside the discovery by using special widgets expressly set up (see How to reach not-indexed contents in AlmaStart);
  • e-books and e-journals not available in the EDS Base index nor recorded in the Bologna Library System catalogue or in the ACNP Italian Catalogue of Periodicals;
  • Polo RAV catalogue records;
  • e-books and other resources available for the Bologna Library System public libraries by MediaLibraryOnline.


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AlmaStart is mobile responsive even with simplier features: mobile or desktop version will be automatically visualized depending on the device you are using but you can always switch the versions through the link at the bottom of the discovery pages.


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