Access to the Electronic Resources is regulated by contracts (or licences) that require the University to actively monitor the permitted use of resources and identify possible unauthorised uses.

The condions for the correct use of the Electronic Resources can be found on the General Access and Usage Guidelines for Electronic Resources page.

Users may consult Electronic Resources only for research, studying and teaching purposes, use for lucrative or commercial purposes is forbidden.

The University will not be responsible towards the user for any copyright breaches or violations of the conditions of use set in the licences perpetrated by subjects authorised to access the materials via the Service.

To protect the users’ right to access the resources via Proxy, as a precautionary measure, the University reserves the right to forbid access to any user found to be using the resources for unauthorised purposes by the suppliers of Electronic Resources, and notify the User of the measure adopted.

The purpose of the Proxy is to supply information and documentation for University teaching and research activities. Consultation of reserved access Electronic Resources must be pertinent to this purpose.

Users using the Proxy service must observe these rules:

  • university username and passwords are for personal use only
  • users are responsible for their actions and the data transmitted and/or made public using their username and passwords
  • users shall keep their password secret, shall not reveal it to third parties and shall never leave working sessions open and unattended

(Extract from Annex A. Policy for the correct use of username and password. Privacy and Use of IT Systems Consolidation Act)