The Proxy is a remote access service that allows users to consult restricted access electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books, etc.), from home or from anywhere outside the University Wi-Fi network.
The service is based on EZproxy technology.


Access to proxy


How does the Proxy work?

  • Log in with your institutional credentials (, to the Proxy service page.
  • Continue browsing using the links on the pages (do not type new addresses in the navigation bar or manually open new browser windows)

No software or browser extension needs to be installed to use the Proxy.


What should I do if I am already positioned on the page I want to access?


How do I know if I am already connected via Proxy?

  • The red banner "Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna - Servizio EZproxy" at the top of the electronic resource web page indicates that the service is active.
  • If the red banner is not active, just check the url of the web address you are connected to: if you see "", you are connected to the service.


Who can use the Proxy service?


Do I always need to use the Proxy service to access electronic resources from off the University Wi-Fi network?

No, it’s not necessary for the following types of resources:

  • discovery tool AlmaStart: the tool automatically leads to proxy if required by the resource
  • Resources available on Tatooweb.
  • All Open Access resources, such as those available on AlmaDL.
  • Journals or databases requiring specific credentials to be accessed.


The proxy service is operated in cooperation with CeSIA - Settore Tecnologie web.