The Proxy service is a remote access service that allows users to consult reserved access Electronic Resources (databases, electronic periodicals and books, etc.), from home or from any other location outside the University network. The service is based on EZproxy technology.


Access to proxy

How does it work?

  • Access with institutional credential (, to Proxy service page.
  • Continue to navigate using pages’ links; do not open manually new windows in the browser or insert manually an URL in the address bar.

To use proxy service it's not necessary to use a specific software or browser extension.


What can I do if I'm already on the desired page and I didn't proxy before?


How do I know if I'm using the proxy service or not?

  • The red banner "Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna - Servizio EZproxy" on the header of the page indicates that the service is available.
  • If the red banner is not present on the page, control the URL: if the URL contains “” you are connected trough proxy.


Who can use the Proxy service?


Do I always need proxy to access Electronic resource when I’m outside the University network?

No, it’s not necessary for the following types of resources:

  • Resource available on Tatooweb.
  • All open access resources, for example resources available on AlmaDL.
  • Journals or databases that need specific credentials.


The proxy service is maintained in collaboration with CeSIA - Settore Tecnologie web.